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Hello! It is my honor and pleasure to hold a space of peace and relaxation for you at Divine Energy Massage. My goal is to provide the most nurturing and therapeutic experience for every individual who wants to achieve higher levels of health and wellness. Direct personal attention is given to each session to ensure your therapeutic goals are being met to bring holistic balance.
Stone Massage — Massage Therapist in Lexington, KY

My Philosophy

I strive to provide the highest quality massage by listening to my clients particular needs and creating a massage based on those requests.

I will deliver my best effort every time, leaving my clients feeling and benefiting from the true healing power of human touch and divine energy.

A massage from Divine Energy Massage is unique in the fact that I love and believe what I do can make a difference in our client's lives. Sharing healing energies to aid in wholeness in every clients body.

Divine Energy Massage is the great choice simply because l love what I do, I give every effort to provide a high quality massage. Your massage will be unique to you and your wishes. I will listen and provide my gifts with healing hands and skillful knowledge.

I provide an environment of serenity, peace and relaxation at Subtle Energy Massage Therapy Center. Our facility offers Ayurveda Treatments customized to your individuality.To see a menu of Ayurveda treatments visit www.subtleenergymassage.com.

Service Spotlight: Swedana (Body Steam)


Swedana therapy is a powerful preparatory step for eliminative therapies with healthy individuals. Unlike most steam therapies in Ayurvedic swedana the head is kept cool at all times. The premise of swedana is to loosen the impurities lodged in to the deep tissues of the body for elimination. Natural herbs and oils are added to the steam to enhance the treatment.
Choose 15, 20, 30 Minute Treatments $1.00/Minute